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Tips for a Successful Conference Call

conference call tips

Teleconferencing can save a lot of time and money, but a bad one can be just plain unproductive. A successful conference call requires a little planning ahead so that your meeting can run smoothly and everybody stays on task. Read our tips below to get the most out of your meeting time.

Tips for a Successful Conference Call:

  • Set the Agenda
    Set an agenda for the meeting and distribute it to all of your participants. Everyone will know what to expect and it will be easier to stay on topic. Make sure that any supporting documents are attached so that everyone has access to reference material.
  • Distribute the dial-in numbers and passcodes
    Your participants need to know what number to dial and what PIN to enter in order to join your meeting. Send the dial in number and guest passcodes to all meeting participants ahead of time. Many people choose to do this with an Outlook calendar invite, so that everyone has the meeting details in their calendar.

Tip: if you’re hosting a large call or just want to ensure everyone joins on time, use Assisted Teleconferencing to have an operator dial out to your guests instead.

During the Call
  • Introduce Yourself
    Remember to identify yourself before speaking and ask your participants to do the same. This avoids confusion and everyone will know who’s talking.
  • Use the Mute Function
    Mute yourself at all times unless speaking and ask that your participants to the same. This reduces interference and distracting background noise. As the host, you have the ability to mute all participant lines.
  • Record the Minutes
    Have someone record the minutes of your meeting, as well as any actions that will be planned to address the issues raised. This same person can also be responsible for timekeeping and making sure the meeting stays on track.
  • Notify Participants if the Call is Recorded
    Recording your conference call can be useful, but it’s important to notify your participants if you are recording the meeting.

Ask for help at any time: if you need assistance at any point in your call, just press *0 for an operator

Post Call
  • Close and Follow Up
    Send an email to all meeting participants thanking them for their time. Attach the Minutes so that everyone has a record and key actions can be followed up on.
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Get started with Unassisted Teleconferencing
Hosting conference calls has never been easier. With an Unassisted account, you can host a conference call any time you need. There are no service fees or hidden costs; you only pay for the minutes you use.

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