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Unassisted Teleconferencing

The cost effective way to have meetings with your company, customers or suppliers.

Unassisted Teleconferencing gives you 24/7 access to our conference bridge. Simply distribute the dial in number and guest pass code to your participants and you can be conferencing within minutes.

  • No booking Required
  • Available 24/7
  • Available from all touch tone telephones, mobile or landline
  • Only pay for what you use – no monthly or service fees

Competitive Rates

Enjoy some of the lowest call rates in NZ

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We offer a fast and simple way to host an impromptu meeting on the go.

Making a conference call is easy:

Find your Local dial-in numbers
Dial the number
  • Make a call wherever you are
  • Use any touch tone telephone, mobile or landline
  • One-click teleconferencing using your unique QR Code
  • Dial-in numbers available across New Zealand
  • Toll-free access for all participants

Speakers: Enter Host Passcode to initiate the call
Participants: Enter Guest Passcode to Join the Conference
  • No booking needed
  • Activate your calls in seconds
  • Optional: Dial out additional participants
  • Optional: Preset recording features

Start your conference
  • Record your conference calls and download directly from the cloud
  • Mute and unmute all Participants lines
  • Ask for operator assistance at any time
  • Lock teleconference for added security or to minimise interruptions from latecomers
  • Dial out additional participants while in teleconference mode

Chorus Call New Zealand offers dial in numbers from around the country and around the world.
With our local based facilities and our in-house systems and processes, your conferencing can be cost effective and high quality.

Features Included

conductor web

View your conference in real time for greater security and control.

web integration

Integrate audio, webcam support, file sharing and more with C-Meeting.

secure pstn line

Your call is hosted over a secure PSTN line. This is a local connection for higher call quality.


Simply press *0 on your phone keypad to connect with an operator at any time

Crisis Communication Management

When a problem arises, contact the people impacted rapidly and efficiently. Find out more.

Record your conference

Record your conference call for later listening. Useful when participants can’t attend live.

FREE Add-ons to Boost the Performance of your Conference

Conductor Web

Unassisted Teleconferencing User Guide


Chorus  Call  uses  multiple  telecommunication  carriers  to  ensure  as  little  disruption  to  your  conferencing as possible.  The two numbers below will end on the same bridge but will provide you with an alternative should one of the carriers have an outage.

New Zealand Wide Free Call: 0800 122 362

Chorus Call has a large number of local and international call access numbers in capital cities, major regional centres and most key international locations. We are always updating and improving access for our customers. For an up to date list of access numbers visit HERE.



  1. The Host dials into the service and is welcomed by a recorded voice announcement and is prompted to enter their passcode, followed by the # key
  2. Enter the Host passcode number followed by the # key
  3. The Host will be advised that their passcode has been confirmed
  4. A Host with a valid passcode will be placed into conference

Note: It is the Host passcode that activates the conference. Guests will hear music until the Host dials in.


  1. Guests dial into the service and are welcomed by a recorded voice announcement and are prompted to enter a passcode number
  2. Enter the Guest passcode number followed by the # key
  3. Guests will be advised that the passcode number has been confirmed
  4. Guests with a valid passcode are joined into conference


Through our sister company Compunetics who builds and distributes the world’s best conferencing bridges,  Chorus  Call  New Zealand has  the  ability  to  make  in  house  development  of  needed  customer  solutions. Below is a list of the common features used by customers but many more unique solutions have been developed for specific customer needs. If you require a specific solution speak to your account manager or contact us on 0800 453 630.


The  below  features  are  standard  on  all  Chorus  Call unassisted conferencing accounts.  Use these  automated features to improve your conference outcome.

Keys Feature Name Description
*0 Operator Assistance Press *0 to notify an operator that you need assistance. If there is static on the line or you simply have a questions, press *0 any time.
4# Participant Mute Participants can press 4# to mute their line
5# Deactivate Participant Mute Un-mutes participant line
99# Conference Mute If a host wishes to mute all participants except themselves, they can press 99#
88# Deactivate Conference Mute Host can unmute all conference participants.
6# Security Lock Prevents any further participants from entering the conference call.
7# Security Unlock Re-opens a locked conference call so new participants can dial in.
999# Conference Count By pressing 999# the conference will provide a tone only conference count
*9 Disconnect all Guests All participants except the host will be disconnected from the call.


These  features  of  a  Chorus  Call  Unassisted  Conferencing  account  need  to  be  set  up  by  an  administrator to be available to customers.  Set up is free, and can be completed easily by speaking to an operator or your account manager.

Keys Feature Name Description
732# Record Conference Press 732# (or REC on your keypad) to digitally record your conference call. You will hear a prompt notifying you that the recording has started. Recordings are available via CD or an FTP file. Charges apply.
Participant Name Record This is set up by a conference administrator and will prompt each guest to record their name and company before entering the conference. They will then be announced by the conference system and joined to the conference.
72# Roll Call To hear all participants on the call’s name and company recording, press 72#.
Project Codes Track your conference usage by specific codes that will show on your billing. This feature is popular with professional firms looking to track costs against clients or projects.

Dial out from your conference

This can be set up as an account feature by a conference administrator or your account manager.

  1. Press * 1 to enter the conference vestibule.
  2. As a prompt to dial, you will hear a series of repeating tones.
  3. Dial the phone number, including area code, followed by the #key.
  4. Once you have reached the party, press *1 to place the party on hold or *2 to disconnect that line.
  5. Repeat instructions above to dial out to additional phone numbers.
  6. Press * 1 to join yourself and the called parties into the conference.