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Managed Event Conferencing

If you are looking for operator managed calls, Chorus Call is the one in New Zealand and Australia.

Chorus Call has many solutions, either automated or operator assisted, to ensure your messages are received loud and clear to as many as 1000 simultaneous lines.

  • Effortless Booking – our Account Managers know their clients. If you have a regular conference event (i.e. quarterly announcements) we’ll touch base with you regularly to ensure it goes ahead.
  • Equipment & Sound Quality Checks – Equipment and acoustic quality testing is carried out beforehand to ensure the best possible conference call.
  • Delegate Your Slideshow – have slides you want pushed? We’ll do that too! Our operator will be standing by to change slides in time with your presentation.
  • Question Queuing – Our operators will oversee your Q&A session, ensuring that questions are appropriately queued and answered efficiently
  • View Q&A – Real time view of participants and those who have registered for questions. The ability to change the order of questioners and to not allow questions from a particular participant. Real time chat with your operator via IM.
PERFECT FOR: Managed interviews, press releases, employee meetings, training sessions, product launches

Let us manage your conference call from start to finish

Our Managed Event Conferencing provides you with a dedicated conference operator who will completely manage all aspects of the conference call. From booking the conference to post-event reporting, we’ll ensure that your meeting runs smoothly.

For important calls with many participants all over the world, no other solution provides more peace of mind.


Equipment and sound quality check

Equipment and acoustic quality testing carried out beforehand.

Record your conference

Receive a recording of your conference via CD or FTP account. Digital playback also available.

Full conference monitoring

Full monitoring of the live conference by a lead operator.


Pre-event caucusing for moderators in different locations.

Local and toll free dial in numbers

Participants dial in locally to attend a conference call. Local dial-in numbers are available all over the world.

Transcription and translation

Word-for-word transcription along with simultaneous translation into another language.

View Q&A

View and manage all participants queued on Q&A. Interactive chat feature available between operator and speaker.

Voting and polling session

Operator-assisted voting and polling session with immediate evaluation.


Stream your conference call seamlessly over the web.


View Q & A is an application that provides users on site with the main speaker, a real time view of participants listening to your conference. Additionally users have a view of all people who have registered for questions, and the order that they will be taken.

By having a real time view of participants Investor Relations, and business professionals can gauge when the important analysts, shareholders or reporters are on line. This ensures your message is received by key investor targets, members of the media, etc.

This in-house system also offers an interactive text chat between the people in the room and the operators managing the conference call. This feature allows for silent interaction enabling people on site to communicate directly with the operator instruction on which questioners to take next or to cut short questioners who are dominating the floor. For advanced users you can even reorder the list of questioners ensuring your favoured analysts or shareholders get an opportunity to ask their question ahead of others waiting in the conference question queue.

Optimised for Windows desktops and tablets and iOS, for use on your iPad, this popular tool gives a new level of control to IR professionals by allowing them to control who asks questions and how much follow up they receive.

Download Web Interface User Guide