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Advanced Event Services Tailored to Meet Your Investor Relations Conferencing Needs

Hundreds of listed companies use Chorus Call to manage their results briefings, town halls, AGMs, media briefings and Q&A sessions. Chorus Call offers the most advanced and feature-rich portfolio of investor relations conferencing services. Our conferencing bridge is located in New Zealand and our experienced team are trained specifically for investor relations events for the best possible experience. Our specialists are waiting to make your next Investor Relations call a success.



Our Virtual Events are tailored for investor relations calls and announcements. During a Virtual Event, participants will dial into the conference on a muted mode and the speaker will be connected by an operator who will initiate the call. Our operator will continue to monitor the call during the presentation and Q&A session to ensure the call runs smoothly.



In addition to our Virtual Events, you can broadcast your call live or on-demand via webcast. We have partnered with the leading platforms in webcast streaming to provide a seamless service and ensure your conference reaches as many people as possible.





The Unique Requirements of Investor Relations Conferencing

There’s a reason the world’s biggest listed entities choose a specialised conferencing provider for their announcement calls. When it comes to Investor Relations, there are several unique needs that need to be addressed, and the stakes are high.

  • Customised branding, scripting & white label services: Brand your company announcements for the most professional and streamlined experience. Chorus Call can provide a completely tailored event, from branding your webcast slides to greeting your participants with a custom welcome message. Talk to us about a bespoke solution for your Investor calls.
  • Controlled Q&A sessions: The Q&A is an essential part of the call to adhere to industry regulations and maintain transparency with your shareholders. However, every Investor Relations pro knows the dangers of a rogue Q&A session and the potential it has to de-rail your conference calls. With the View Q&A platform, you have full visibility over your question queue. Move questioners up and down the queue, refuse questions from certain participants, and chat privately with your conference organisers to ensure a smooth Q&A session.
  • Advanced Reporting and Participant Data Collection: Your results announcement call went smoothly, now what? Many organisations want to know as many details as possible about their events, including who attended. We provide a full post-call report after your event, and our Diamond Pass registration platform allows up to 12 custom fields to allow you to collect additional information about your attendees.

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We tailor each event based on your unique requirements. Get in touch to discuss your needs, and we can provide a full demonstration and based on the service that’s right for you. Request a demo below, or call our team on 0800 453 630.