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Investor Relations Services

Personalised service for your company investor announcements

As one of the world’s foremost conferencing specialists, Chorus Call New Zealand offers the most advanced and experienced portfolio of investor conferencing services.

From Town Halls and staff briefings to investor announcements and high profile Managed Events, we design solutions that make investor conferencing a practical and integral part of your business.

Many providers connect the call offshore, which increases the risk of lines dropping and raises privacy concerns.

Using a local provider for your investor calls ensures that you get the highest quality call connection with 24/7 support and that your information is protected under local privacy laws.
With over 1,000 locally based ports we can cater to events of almost any size.

Make a booking
Capture more data and eliminate wait times
with our signature Diamond Pass integration
Our free Diamond Pass integration allows your guests to pre-register for your conference and join instantly.

  • Accurate attendance records
  • More accurate data collection for post-event reporting
  • Guarantee consistency and quality to your customers and guests
  • Instant join to conference – no waiting for an operator

What makes us different?

pre-registration with diamond pass
Over 1,000 ports to cater to events of any size
highly trained local operators
in-house systems & software

Our premium Investor Teleconferencing service includes:

  • Signature Diamond Pass: Pre-registration of participants to allow increased information gathering and smoother entrance into conference.
  • Comprehensive booking confirmation makes your event preparation easy
  • Pre-event equipment and sound quality testing will be scheduled and conducted by an administrator – 24 hours prior to conference
  • Pre-event sub-conferencing to allow presenters to prepare

  • Real time chat with the operator via IM or backline.
  • Question Queuing: an interactive question and answer (Q and A) session between individual participants and speakers. During the conference, participants register to ask a question via their telephone keypad.
  • View Q&A: Real time view of participants and those who have registered for questions. The ability to change the order of questioners and to not allow questions from a particular participant. Real time chat with your operator via IM.
  • Voting and Polling session support

  • Post CallFull event reporting including participant list and recording of call available within 30 minutes.
  • Digital playback – for a nominated period of time the conference will be available for a replay by dialling into our system.
  • Transcription services: word for word within agreed timeframes.
  • Free cloud storage and file sharing services that enables you to securely share and access files online.