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Outlook Plugin

Create an Outlook (iCalendar) meeting request for participants to join your conference. 
The Unassisted Conference Outlook Plugin is intended to be used by moderators or schedulers for organising unassisted conferences. The moderator or scheduler is able to create an Outlook (iCalendar) meeting request that is pre-populated with the details necessary for participants to join the conference.

Conductor Web

Conductor Web is an online portal which allows you to view your conference in real time.

View Q&A

Chorus Call’s web-based interface for viewing your conference call event. Should you need assistance while on this call, press * then 0 on your touch-tone phone and an operator will assist you.

Hosting a Managed Event Conference is required to use the View Q & A service. Please contact us on 0800 453 630 to register your conference for this feature.

iPresent Web

In today’s global business environment, the need for collaborative tools is a must. Whether your professional team is sharing, learning, or presenting, Chorus Call’s latest product offering provides a robust and feature-rich data collaboration solution.

Online Billing

‘Think Green’ with Online Billing.
Our online billing service improves customer service, saves time and promotes a more environmentally friendly approach to doing business.

Webcast Control Panel

Access your Webcast Advanced Reportpresentation slides, newest updatestutorials via control panel.

Communicating via the web, or in conjunction with your conference is an inexpensive way to ensure your message reaches as many people as possible in cost effective hi-tech distribution.

User Guides

Unassisted Teleconferencing User Guide