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Media Conferencing

An easier way to handle multiple media calls, protect your talent & avoid scheduling disasters.

Talent Connect – Operator automatically connects/disconnects journalists & talent at the specified time Formal Introductions – talent and journalists are introduced by the operator
Timekeeping – operator ensures that interviews do not run over time Privacy Protection – talent’s contact details are not released and you can specify any off-limits talking points
Optional Correspondence – receive email notifications when each interview starts and ends Effortless Booking – use our online booking form to schedule multiple calls at once
PERFECT FOR: Talent interviews, media conferences, Live-to-Air radio, touring announcements, press releases
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If you’re a media professional, PR agent or talent manager, have you considered using operator assisted calls to manage your talent interviews?
Our operators will automatically connect/disconnect journalists and talent to keep things on schedule. Interview proceedings are formal and professional, and the privacy of the talent is treated with care.