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Media Conferencing

An easier way to handle multiple media calls, protect your talent and avoid scheduling disasters.

If you’re a journalist, radio host, PR agent or talent manager, have you considered using operator assisted calls to manage your talent interviews? Chorus Call presents Managed Interviews – an easier way to keep up with the pressures of the media landscape.

Our operators can ensure that interviews go ahead on time and on schedule, that talent and journalists are connected and introduced seamlessly and professionally. Scheduling disasters are avoided and the talent’s privacy is better protected.

PERFECT FOR: Talent interviews, media conferences, Live-to-Air radio, touring announcements, press releases

Experience the Difference

The media landscape is fast-paced, and many an industry professional has a story about a scheduling conflict, bad line or poorly managed interview experience.

These days, more and more media professionals are choosing an operator-managed service for the timely, professional and stress-free solution it provides. Chorus Call managed interviews ensure that talent and journalists are connected on time, over a high quality audio line, and that proceedings run as smoothly as possible.

A Seamless Way to Manage Back to Back Interviews

  • Consistent call quality no matter where participants are located
  • Can facilitate live-to-air interviews
  • Tailored service – choose the level of correspondence required, specify talking points
  • Formal, professional introductions between talent and interviewers
  • Back to back interviews are scheduled down to the minute to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Privacy Protection – ensure the talent’s privacy and discretion is always upheld

Streamlined Media Interviews in a Few Simple Steps:

1. Book Your Managed Interview
  • Use our online booking form to schedule multiple media interviews at once
  • Include all talent details as well as scheduled journalists/interviewers
  • Ensure to specify the complete duration of your managed conference, as well as alotted time for each individual interview
  • We will get in touch to confirm your details and finalise the booking

2. Interviewers Called 2 Minutes Prior to Interview Timeslot
  • Our operators will contact the interviewers two minutes prior to their booked timeslot
  • Operator will confirm the duration assigned and any special requests e.g. recording requirements
  • Interviewers are kept on  hold until their alotted time and then connected seamlessly to the talent
  • Interviewers are formally introduced by the conference operator
  • Operators will stay on the line to facilitate timekeeping and monitor the interview proceedings

Something you don’t want discussed?

Notify us of any sensitive topics and we will ensure that inappropriate questions are not asked during the interview.

3. Interviews Go Ahead
  • Interviews are conducted as normal
  • Timekeeping – operator ensures that interviews do not run over time
  • Optional correspondence – receive email notifications when each interview starts and ends. Choose the level of service/correspondence you require.
  • Interviews are automatically disconnected once time is up, and the next interviewer will be introduced by the operator