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Teleconferencing Services


Secure PSTN Lines & Competitive rates
A quick, simple and cost-effective way to connect any time, anywhere in the world. This is a self-managed service that allows you to access our conference bridge 24/7/365.


Operator Assisted Calls
Many companies use operator-assisted calls for their meetings, announcements & International calls. We can tailor our service to your organisation’s needs.


Live-to-Air Calls, Press Releases & More
Our Managed Interview service is the perfect solution for your media calls. An operator connects/disconnects media & talent for a professional interview.

audio conferencing australia new zealand

Our full suite of Audio Teleconferencing services offer a simple and secure solution for your business communication needs.
We’re a conference bridge manufacturer and have access to industry-leading technology and competitive call rates. Our bridge is located in New Zealand and supported by redundant telecommunications suppliers to ensure the highest quality and most reliable service.