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Teleconferencing Services

Our full suite of Audio Teleconferencing services offer a simple and secure solution for your business communication needs.
We’re a conference bridge manufacturer and have access to industry-leading technology and competitive call rates. Our bridge is located in New Zealand and supported by redundant telecommunications suppliers to ensure the highest quality and most reliable service.

Secure PSTN lines and competitive call rates.
Unassisted Teleconferencing is a quick, simple and cost-effective way to connect with your customers and clients anywhere in the world.
This is a self-managed service that allows you to access our conference bridge at any time.

Operator assisted calls for your next company announcement, financial report, or International conference call.
We offer various levels of assistance from simple dial-out services to large scale managed events.

Manage back to back interviews, live-to-air calls, press releases, and more.
We bridge the call and oversee proceedings. Our Managed Interview service is the perfect solution for your media calls.