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Crisis Communication Management

When a critical issue hits an organisation, instant access to key decision makers can be the difference between a managed crisis and a disaster.

Chorus Call has developed Crisis Communication Management to provide peace of mind that when a problem arises, you have the communication systems in place to contact the people impacted in a rapid, efficient manner.

How does it work?

It is decided that an emergency conference needs to take place. The initiator of the call dials an access number and enters in the Crisis Communication Management pin number.

Our system detects the request and dials out a preset list of participants prompting them to join an emergency conference.

Participants are entered into conference with the initiator of the call. Up to 20 participants can be connected in less than 1 minute.

Multiple contact numbers can be listed for each participant and all numbers provided will be attempted.

How is the service supported?

With each new account, participants are individually logged into our system. Multiple numbers will be stored for each participant. Each designated participant will receive an induction email and pack.

Each month, an email will be sent to each listed participant with the ability to confirm or change their contact details ensuring an up-to-date key contact list. This email will not be intrusive and will allow users to confirm their details in a single click.

Each quarter, Chorus Call will schedule a test of the system with the organisation. The test will act as it would during an emergency situation and confirm the accuracy of lists and key contact information.

Each Crisis Communication Management service will be supplied with multiple carrier access numbers in the event the event that one or multiple carriers are down. Chorus Call also maintains duplicate systems in Australia and overseas.

Each quarter, Chorus Call will provide usage reports, reports on the test and details of any changes that have occurred to the contact names and numbers to a designated contact point in the organisation.

Why Chorus Call’s Unassisted Audio Conferencing?

  • No booking required
  • Available 24/7
  • Available from all touch tone telephones, mobile or landline
  • Only pay for what you use – no monthly or service fees

About iPresent Web Conferencing

iPresent™ is a free on-demand desktop sharing application providing hands-on collaborative features crucial to productive communication. This powerful tool allows you to eliminate travel and conference set-up costs while maintaining cutting edge communication and productivity.

It will enhance presentations by allowing participants to see, hear, engage and interact as if they were in the same room – and enabling the host to manage the conference call lines of the participants.

  • Integrated Audio Conferencing – Manage your own audio conference call while simultaneously sharing presentations amongst participants.
  • Available on your iPad – Use your iPad to web conference from anywhere! Visit APP Store
  • Annotation – Annotate shared documents using a number of drawing tools, pointers and colour to give more emphasis to your presentation.
  • Whiteboard – Highlight important information, write notes, draw diagrams and illustrate ideas.
  • Share Control – Pass or take control of presentations with others in your meeting.
  • Chat – Send and receive private instant messages with individual participants or broadcast your message to the entire group.
  • Send a File – Distribute any file type and size.
  • Secure Internet Technology (SSL) – Secure Q&A Sessions, Webcam View and Polling
  • Flash Based – Cross-Platform desktop sharing software for PC or Mac.
CLICK HERE TO LOG IN & JOIN AN IPRESENT™ (passcode required)

Download the iPresent™ user guide (.pdf)

About one click conferencing

Scan your personal Chorus Call New Zealand QR Code, which includes our toll-free number, and your personal host pin number.

Use for 1 Click Conferencing – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A QR code (Quick Response code) is a mini bar code which allows data to be transmitted to your smart phone. Scanning your QR code will instantly allow you to create a new contact, that when dialled will automatically dial our toll free number + Your personal Host Pin Number and connect you into your conference. You’ll never have to waste time entering your pin code, or forget dial-in numbers again.

Which QR scanner you need will depend on the handset you have, please select the approved app for your smart phone below:

Click here to download a QR reader for iPhone
Click here to download a QR reader for Android
Click here to download a QR reader for Blackberry
Click here to download a QR reader for Windows Phone

The QR code contained in your Unassisted Teleconferencing account email contains your host pin and will allow anyone scanning the QR code to enter your conferencing account as a host. Similar to an ATM pin number this code and your host pin should be kept secure to ensure you do not receive fraudulent charges.