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How Owners Corporations Can Increase Meeting Attendance

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Owners Corporation managers, how engaged are your property owners?

If you struggle to reach quorum attendance or garner votes on important decisions, it’s worth looking at how your meetings are run. With the Owners Corporation Act currently being reviewed, one of the main components for review is the level of public input, with the view to increase owner engagement and communication. Now is the time to consider how well your Owners Corporation is doing at engaging owners in decision making.

Using teleconferencing for your Owners Corporation meetings has the following benefits:

  • Increased participation: physical attendance is a huge barrier. With the everyday pressures of family, work, illness, and childcare, many struggle to attend meetings in person. If your owners can be involved without having to physically attend the meeting, they may be more likely to engage and have their say.
  • Increased voting: similarly, if you can increase the participation of owners in committee meetings, then there’s increased opportunity to boost participation in voting. With teleconferencing, you can send out important documents such as meeting agendas and electronic voting forms along with the conference invite and remind participants to submit these during the call.

You may be using a teleconferencing service already, but here at Chorus Call our features allow a more efficient, productive meeting:

  • Tailored billing setup: Set up your conference codes by property name or number, allowing the capability to assign costs
  • Effortless minute taking: Owners Corporation Managers are under strict requirements to take full and accurate minutes of every general meeting, and these must be provided to all owners. Many teleconferencing providers include transcription as part of the service, with delivery often within 24 hours. Transcriptions are stored in a secure folder and can be shared with all owners. You will also have a clear attendance record provided in the post call report.
  • Assisted Conferencing: Let our operators dial your participants into conference, tell us the date and time of your meeting, your participants names and contact numbers,  and we’ll do the rest. More about Assisted Teleconferencing.

All in all, a board is only as good as its members. If Owners Corporation meetings aren’t attended by a good subsection of the people it represents, how confident can the Owners Corporation manager be that they are acting in the true interest of their owners?

Removing roadblocks to attendance encourages greater meeting participation, which in turn results in better and fairer decision making for all.

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