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The Benefits of Teleconferencing for your Business

benefits of teleconferencing new zealand

There are many benefits of teleconferencing. Not only can it save you money, but teleconferencing is a powerful solution for helping your workforce communicate more efficiently. When teams can communicate better, great things happen. Teleconferencing can reduce business travel, increase collaboration, and help you meet smarter.

The Benefits of Teleconferencing for Your Business

Reduce Business Travel

reduce business travel with teleconferencingOne of the biggest benefits of teleconferencing is that you spend less on business travel. The savings are more than just the money spentĀ on air fares, accommodation and travel expenses. There’s also the time spent on the flight, travelling to and from meetings, and the toll it takes on your workforce.

Many of our customers useĀ teleconferencing, video conferencing and room hire to reduce their business travel. Trading airports for conference calls means more efficient communication and happier staff!

Host More Productive Meetings

Teleconferencing can help you be more productive with your meeting time. While many businesses use an Unassisted service to host their own conference calls, many are switching to Assisted Teleconferencing to achieve better outcomes.

We’ve all experienced a bad conference call. When people are late, talk over each other, or are not prepared, it can disrupt the entire meeting.

Using an operator-assisted service ensures that:

  • Everyone is joined to the meeting on time (we dial out to you)
  • Interruptions are reduced
  • Q&A sessions are moderated
  • Your call quality is monitored
  • Help is available for any technical issues
  • Your meeting runs smoothly

Increase Collaboration in Your Teams

Good business relies on communication. When barriers are broken and people can collaborate more easily, they get more done. Using conferencing and cloud collaboration together can increase productivity.

Cloud services such as Lifesize and BlueJeans are leading the collaboration industry. They allow your teams to communicate via audio or video, host webinars, share screens, and more. They also integrate with video conferencing hardware, allowing you to turn your conference rooms into powerful collaborative spaces.

How can we help you collaborate?

Whether it’s with teleconferencing, video or web conferencing, we can help you collaborate with your teams! However you need to communicate, we can help you find a solution that fits your business.

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