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Support - Chorus Call New Zealand Ongoing Support

Chorus Call New Zealand (CCNZ) teleconference support is available 24 hours a day.
Call us any time on 0800 453 630. If you require assistance during your conference call press *0 to signal an Operator, or hang up and dial 0800 446 958 (NZ Toll Free) or 1800 202 229 (Australian Toll Free). For a complete list of unassisted conference features Click Here.

Video Conference Support

Support for technical issues with any unit purchased form CCNZ is available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday (Weekends by appointment) New Zealand Standard Time (NZST), excluding public holidays. Support will be provided to any units purchased from CCNZ that have current and up to date Assurance Maintenance Service (AMS), or where support is included in the cost of the unit purchased. CCNZ will provide level 1 support to diagnose the issue. If the issue is determined to be a fault in the video and audio unit, support will continue until the issue is rectified. If it is determined the issue is related to the customer’s internal network, other associated systems or any hardware that isn’t under AMS, a quote will be provided on the expected cost of support.

For additional information please call us: 0800 453 630, or Email us.


We are a Auckland based company with representation throughout New Zealand. With each purchase of a video unit or audio conference device from CCNZ you receive free unit configuration and unlimited telephone support to assist you with your install. This includes assisting you with installation and set up of the unit as well as advice on how to best configure your internal network to achieve the best result for your video and audio unit.

Chorus Call has been a leader in Teleconferencing and Video Conferencing in New Zealand for over 10 years. We have installation and support capabilities in most capital cities around New Zealand. If you require a detail or configuration of your units(s) we can provide a detailed quote to meet your needs. Please call us: 0800 453 630

LifeSize® AMS Recertification and Renewals

LifeSize Hardware

Chorus Call New Zealand is an accredited LifeSize® Professional Partner and we offer LifeSize® Assurance Maintenance Service (LAMS) recertification and renewals on all available LifeSize® products regardless of if you purchased from us.

For rates and quotes please call us on 0800 453 630 or email:

Support - Chorus Call New Zealand Technical assistance contact numbers

Please note that our technicians are available to support all equipment and software purchased from Chorus Call New Zealand and that is under current warranty. If the technical issue is identified as being relating to customer premises or equipment and/or the equipment is no longer under maintenance, call out charges may be applied.

Non urgent technical and Application Support:

Application and non-urgent technical support is supplied between the hours of 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday (Weekends by appointment). To register your issue please email:

A technician will respond to your enquiry within 3 business hours.

Urgent technical and Application Support:

Urgent technical support is available 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday to Friday. To reach a technician:
New Zealand: 0800 453 630
Australia: 1800 98 88 98
Other International: +64 9 973 0187

A technician will respond to your page within 30 minutes.