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Chorus Call New Zealand

Chorus Call New Zealand

Chorus Call New Zealand is a specialist supplier of conferencing in NZ. Our local in house systems supply state of the art conferencing services. Including: telephone conferencing, video conferencing sales and service, web streaming (web casting), investor relations reporting and announcement services, data sharing and video conferencing room hire.

Since our launch in 2003 in Oz, we have become the preferred supplier of organisations seeking quality and value in their audio and video conferencing service provider; and we are now delivering our complete suite of conferencing services to New Zealand.

Why choose Chorus Call as your conferencing service provider?

We are focused on a core set of products. Audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, web streaming and premiere Investor Relations services. We develop custom solutions to organisations and deliver a superior product because it is what we do all day, every day, 24/7/365.
For additional details on any of our services or to request a quote, please call us on 0800 453 630 or request an account manager to contact you via email.

All of our services are in house and developed by our own people. We don’t white label another companies services for any of our products. We develop our own products and services and can adjust them to suit your company’s needs.

We ensure redundancy of our services by having multiple suppliers of telecoms. Large Telco’s only provide their own services meaning if they have an outage, your service goes down.

Our account management philosophy is to work with you over the long term to provide you with communications solutions over the long term. We don’t want to sell you widgets we want to improve your company’s communications strategy and bottom line.

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Reservations, Information & Support
Toll Free: 0800 453 630
Telephone: 09 973 0187
E-mail: nzsupport@choruscall.com
Reservations Open
Monday to Friday 24 Hours Reservation
Weekends: Appointment Only
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 24 Hours Operation
Weekends: Appointment Only
Chorus Call Postal Address:
Chorus Call New Zealand
PO Box 106658
Auckland, 1143

Our Leadership Team

Managing Director: Morley Foster

Managing Director: Morley Foster

Managing Director:
Morley Foster
Morley is a founding shareholder of Chorus Call Australia and has been Managing Director since 2005. Prior to starting Chorus Call Morley was the National Manager Conferencing Services and Operator Assisted Services with Telstra, Morley had the foresight to combine Tier one technology with customer service excellence and worldwide reach to ensure clients are serviced better and with the latest technology. Born and raised in Canada Morley moved to Australia in 1993. Morley and his partner Jane have three preschool kids, Lewis, Will and Cameron.
P: 0800 453 630 | E: morleyf@choruscall.com
Operations Manager: Anita Green

Operations Manager: Anita Green

Operations Manager:
Anita Green
Anita joined Chorus Call Australia in 2011 and has been a valuable asset to the Operations team ever since. In late 2014 she was promoted to Operations Manager where she has successfully implemented her affiliative management style, focusing on team building and excellent customer service.
Anita attended the Queensland University of Technology, developing skills in people management, business strategy and communications through her major in Human Resource Management. Anita is excited to continue further studies alongside her role at Chorus Call.
P: 0800 453 630 | E: agreen@choruscall.com
Country Manager NZ: Mireille Wright

Country Manager NZ: Mireille Wright

Country Manager NZ:
Mireille Wright
Mireille joined Chorus Call NZ in April 2014 as Country Manager in NZ. Prior to joining Chorus Call NZ, Mireille had moved back to Auckland from living in Sydney for 7.5years. Mireille’s ongoing success is that she loves to invest not only getting to know her clients business, but working with them as a partner to ensure the ongoing success of their partnership. Mireille is very excited about the opportunity launching Chorus Call NZ into the New Zealand Market and making it a huge success and offering the same high level of service on offer at Chorus Call Australia.
P: 0800 453 630 | E: Mireille.Wright@choruscall.com
Administration Manager: Jodie Bromirsk

Administration Manager:
Jodie Bromirsk

Administration Manager:
Jodie Bromirski
Originally Telstra trained Jodie has grown with the business becoming one of the country’s top event and IR coordinators, whose knowledge of the job requirements, skill and attention to detail ensures our clients brand is never at risk. Recently Jodie and her husband Greg have delivered their first child and Jodie is currently on maternity leave. Jodie’s customer service ethic and attitude is second to none and this ensures that the first customer experience is always first class.
P: 0800 453 630 | E: jodie.bromirski@choruscall.com
Our Philosophy

Our Directors

Chairman: Dr Giorgio Coraluppi

Giorgio Coraluppi was born in L’Aquila, the capital of the Abruzzo region of central Italy. He pursued his studies in Milano, where he received a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano in 1958. Upon earning his doctorate, Dr. Coraluppi remained at the Politecnico di Milano as a research assistant in the Istituto di Fisica Tecnica. He then served in the Italian Air Force as a Technical Officer for a period of eighteen months. In 1961 Dr. Coraluppi joined the Electronic Research Laboratory of Olivetti …
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Non-Executive Director:
Jeff Stirling

Jeff has been instrumental in the continued growth of Chorus Call Australia and has many years experience in specialised telecommunication services. Apart from his role with CCA, he is responsible for business development for a leading Financial Planning Group. In addition he is using his experience to assist with the establishment and expansion of several family businesses. When he’s not travelling the world with his wife Bev, they enjoy spending their spare time with their 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Non-Executive Director:
Joe Heuler

Joseph joined Chorus Call’s Pittsburgh’s Technical Department in 1997. Prior to Chorus Call he has been employed by Boeing Aerospace Company and Redshaw Incorporated. He has earned his degree in both Mathematics and Computer Science from the Pennsylvania State University. In addition to supporting the day to day operations of all ten Chorus Call offices, Joseph is responsible for developing new and innovative products at Chorus Call.

Chief Financial Officer:
Gordon E. Scherer

Gordon E. Scherer is Chief Financial Officer of Chorus Call, Inc. and Subsidiaries. Prior to joining Chorus Call he was the CEO and Managing Partner of a regional certified public accounting and financial services firm located in Pittsburgh, Pa. Gordon has broad experience in financial and business matters in a variety of industries due to his service to clients in those industries over his 40 plus year career. He has also been an adjunct professor at the Pennsylvania State University.