Investor Relation Services

Investor Relations Services

Established in 2003, Chorus Call specialises in delivering premium operator managed conference calls and is the provider of choice to companies in New Zealand for their investor relations conference calls.

Chorus Call has been able to achieve this result through providing an end to end process that ensures a successful event.

Pre Call:

  • Online booking service:
    Click Here to use our On Line Booking form for your managed investor event.
  • Dedicated Administrator to each event call:
    Once your call is booked we dedicate a conference administrator to your call. This operator will be your point of contact and the operator managing the event.
  • Dedicated international toll free numbers from over 70 countries
  • Scripted greeting and prerecording for answer messages
  • Pre-recorded greeting and scripting for operators will be developed
  • Web based registration for participants providing you with accurate participant information
  • 24 hour prior a full test event will be scheduled and conducted by administrator
  • During Call:

  • A quality operator with a minimum of 3 years conference experience leading your call
  • Web based tools to view participants and control the question queue
  • Dedicated back line operator speaking directly to the conference organiser on site
  • Guaranteed ratio of 1 operator to each 15 participants expected
  • Over 1000 local audio ports available and over 5000 globally
  • Redundant carrier numbers provided to ensure a carrier outage will not affect your call
  • Tier 1 technology supported by redundant power and systems
  • Live operator managed Q & A session
  • Stream the call live to the web and record an archive version to be posted on your website.
  • Post Call:

  • Participant list delivered in 30 mins
  • Transcription of call in as little as 4 hours
  • Recording of call available on Digital playback in 30 mins
  • Audio stream of call available in 30 mins
  • Investor Relation Service

    Chorus Call recognises the importance of each Investor conference call, and that each has subtle differences which need to be catered to. With over 10 years experience, delivering hundreds of IR calls evey season, trust us to manage your event end to end.


    Call us toll free 0800 453 630 or Email Us.