Business Continuity Conferencing

Business Continuity BCC Teleconferencing
Instant connections to up to 20 participants

When a critical issue hits an organisation instant access to key decision makers can be the difference between a managed crisis and a disaster.

Chorus Call New Zealand has developed Business Continuity Conferencing (BCC) as a service that gives you peace of mind that when issues happen, you have the communication systems in place to get to the people who need to know.


1. It is decided that an emergency conference needs to take place. The initiator of the call dials an access number and enters in the Business Continuity Conference Pin #.

2. Our System detects the request and dials out a preset list of participants prompting them to join an emergency conference.

3. Accepting participant’s are entered into conference with the initiator of the call.

Up to 20 participants can be connected in less than 1 minute.

4. Multiple contact numbers can be listed for each participant and all numbers provided will be tried.


1. With each new account up to 20 participants are individually logged into our system. Multiple numbers will be stored for each participant. Each designated participant will receive an induction email and pack.

2. Each month an email will be sent to each listed participant with the ability to confirm or change their contact details ensuring an up to date key contact list. This email will not be intrusive and will allow users to confirm their details in a single click.

3. Each Quarter Chorus Call will schedule a test of the system with the organisation. The test will act as it would during an emergency situation and confirm the accuracy of lists and key contact information.

4. Each BCC service will be supplied with multiple carrier access numbers in the event the event that one or multiple carriers are down. Chorus Call also maintains duplicate systems in Australia and overseas.

5. Each quarter Chorus Call will provide usage reports, reports on the test and details of any changes that have occurred to the contact names and numbers to a designated contact point in the organisation.

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